Goodnight 2008

The new year is 3.5 short hours away.  I’m cuddled on my couch flipping through channels while Dessa is in dreamland.  The snow storm is killer outside with some really loud, gusty winds.  J is at work, texting cute little messages throughout the night.  This is new year’s eve for me these days.  I’m pretty sure last year was pretty similar.  I was driving home from work today and thought how much my life has changed.  A few years ago, I would have been mad at the snow for trying to ruin whatever intoxicating party lay ahead, contemplating how I’m going to trudge through the snow in high heels.  Now, at the sign of a single snowflake I’m jumping for joy!  How life changes.  No complaints, though, I’m grateful for the ways my life has changed.

I want to bid farewell to 2008 with some of things I am most grateful for this year.  I’ll think about resolutions and new beginnings tomorrow.

  • I am grateful for Dessa who every day grows kinder and sweeter.  She brought hope and joy to everyday this year.
  • I am grateful for my husband.  This year especially I got to witness him being such a wonderful father that I melted a little bit everytime I saw them together.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.  I changed my attitude and started giving out to the world the energy that I hoped to receive and things are working out just fine.
  • I am grateful for our country for making the decision to elect a president that will change the course of history.  I am grateful to this country for giving my children the opportunity to grow up knowing President Barack Obama.
  • I am grateful for family and friends who have supported us in countless ways through some of the tough times this year.
  • I am grateful to have been able to get pregnant this year after my miscarrige.
  • I am grateful for new and unexpected friends who remind me that the world gives you what you need when you need it, you just have to open your eyes.  I’m also still in awe of the power of social media to bring together so many moms & other liked minded people who genuinely want to support one another.
  • I am grateful for my cat who never stops loving us even though Dessa has stolen a lot of the affection we once showed her.
  • I am sooooooooo grateful to live in the Ocean State.  Those are words I thought I’d never utter but this summer showed me the magic of this little state and it’s beautiful beaches.

It was a good year =)


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Blogger Or Microblogger – Which One Am I?

I’ve fallen hard for Twitter.  I’m on it constantly and can’t wait to get my new phone so I can tweet all the time from anywhere.  I don’t consider myself a microblogger, at least I didn’t set out to be.  I’m a mommy blogger(aren’t I?).  So shouldn’t I spend more time visiting other mom blogs & updating my own little piece of the web instead of tweeting?

I follow almost all of my daily blog reads on Twitter so I often forget to check out what they’re posting.  I even find new and interesting people to follow who’s blogs I barely visit.  I’ll visit once to learn more about them and see if they’re someone worth following but then I forget to go back.  I feel like I’m following them throughout their day so I neglect to give them any blog love. 

I can’t figure out which is more valuable to someone I’m following – Twitter love or blog love?  Sheesh, I’m not even sure which is more important to me!  Can I be both a microblogger and a blogger?  I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve posted more tweets than posts and I’m starting to wonder how to find the balance between the two.

With the new year quickly approaching, I need to figure out a way to better manage my time and prioritize my goals.  Interesting because I don’t think Twitter ever started out as a goal of any sort.  It was meant to be just a fun way to connect and build community.   

I’m so confused!  Maybe you can share some wisdom to help me plan for 2009- 

  • Which is more valuable – twitter love or blog love? 
  • Can you be a successful blogger and microblogger? 
  • How do you balance both?

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The Big Photo Shoot

On the road to the shoot

On the road to the shoot

Just before Christmas, I got the proofs from my photo shoot at Latina.  Now I’m not going to lie, I was extremely excited.  I knew it wasn’t going to be like all glamorous and stuff, make up people or wardrobe people or being primped and beautified or anything like that.  That was fine with me, I just felt pretty cool going to anything called a photo shoot.  Dessa looked gorgeous as always, no smiles for a single shot but angelic and perfect.

Mama, on the other hand, a hot mess.  I did my make-up but since I’m no expert my skin looks awful.  Even though it’s a mami blog about being a parent and being pregnant, I feel like I look more beer gutted than pregnant.  I spent some time straightening my hair and as forgetful as always I didn’t take out my hair clip.  Can you tell I love them?  Right.

I have to go through all 39 of them and pick one or two top favorites.  All I can think is why did they have to decide to do this when I’m pregnant?  On the up side, it’s nice to have some pictures of Dessa and I.  We have a billion and one of J and her but maybe a whopping 5 of her and I since the day she was born.  I’m a camera freak and J, well, I’m still training him =)

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Partying and Socializing on Twitter

I mentioned earlier I’m a social media enthusiast; I’m also not quite sure why.  I finally joined Twitter and dove right in by attending my first ever Twitter party (#cc1100) and last week attended my first #journchat (I missed the latest GNO but I’m going to the next one this Tuesday).  I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into with either of these but that’s the beauty of Twitter and social media. Everyone’s invited, everyone’s willing to teach you something and, worst case, you can just sit back and observe.

The party was a one time event and I was a bit lost because I wasn’t that familiar with the Classy Closet radio show. The ladies were super helpful and were ready to field questions from newbies. As for #journchat, even though it is still a fairly new gathering (the first one took place 11/08), the conversation was very lively but also very specific to the PR and journalism field; I’d hoped to gain a bit more for blogging. Despite the PR/journo focus, I found the discussion fascinating and couldn’t stop following it. I stayed on for a good two hours so there was certainly plenty of time for blogging to come into the equation. On both occassions, I was welcomed with open arms and was amazed by how active and engaged everyone was.

As social as I’ve been, I have yet to attend a site warming party where a particular product, service or site is given a little fiesta on the Twittersphere.  Experts in the particular field are gathered, a giveaway is arranged and a discussion is developed to engage the party goers.  I’d love to sit in on one of these.  I’m keeping an eye out for Resourceful Mommy, who hosts the shindigs, so hopefully I’ll get to party it up at one soon.

I love this aspect of Twitter.  Since I’m an anti-social girl (in the winter at least) these Twitter gatherings are right up my alley.  Up next: GNO on Tuesday!  I’ll let you know how it goes =)

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Happy Holidays!

My family got a great holiday surprise yesterday when we found out we’re having another girl!  We’re super excited and can’t wait to meet her.  I’ll be in a cloud through the holiday festivities dreaming of names and all the outfits I’ll be buying.

Wishing all my readers a happy and joyous holiday!

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Dinosaurs and Rock Climbing

Jeremy and I are bad holiday shoppers.  Christmas is 2 days away and we’ve got a handful of presents for about two dozen folks, not to mention I’ve got to work both days leading up to the festivities.  We don’t even have a gift for Dessa yet!  We were on a manhunt for Kota the $299-now-$99-dinosaur but apparently we’re not the only ones who got the mass email from Geoffrey about the big price slash.  So we’re thinking Kota isn’t an option, at least for Christmas; he might make an appearance for Three Kings Day.

Here’s some background and expert reviews.

(Side note on the Kota popularity: I got the email about the sale two weeks ago.  I felt like I hit the jackpot because the price was so good.  I went online to check out reviews and there were a measely 5 reviews.  In my head I figured it wasn’t all that popular since it only had 5 reviews.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that those 5 people were the ones who got suckered into paying $300 for Kota.  I just went on the site now after getting a “back in stock” email and there are now a whopping 19 reviews!  I guess Hasbro figured out the right price point for their little dino.  And now, less than 10 minutes after getting the “back in stock” email, the dino is sold out yet again.  No luck for us; back to the point…)

Today while I’m at work, Jeremy calls me to share a little gift idea he has for our princess.  He wants to know my thoughts on buying our 18 month old daughter some rock climbing mounts for the walls in our house.  Did you read that – 18 month old, rock climbing, in our house?  I practically laughed at him.  He said, no really I’ll spot her.  I said, yeah but you were spotting her when she fell off the bed and broke her arm and ended up in a purple cast.

I hate to be the bad guy so I always try to find a compromise; I suggested looking for something on the ground she could climb.  He didn’t budge on the wall mounts.  We hung up and left it at we’ll think about it.  I couldn’t shake the image of a falling Dessa from my brain but to give J the benefit of the doubt (or secretely hoping I’d be proven right) I called our local rock climbing gym.  I asked the guy the age of his youngest climbers.  He said they have kids as young as 2 to 3 years old and even 18 month olds!  My argument was shot down.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea but I’m not 100% against it either.  The rock climbing gym guy said we could come in and try it out so I think we’ll be headed there shortly to let our little monkey scale their walls.  In the meantime, we’ll probably just sneak a soccer and a basket ball under the tree; she’s an easy girl to please.

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I’ve Been Snowed In Since Friday

I haven’t been outside, not counting my two minute trip to check the mail yesterday, since Friday at around 1:45pm.  It’s been snowing on and off since then but I can’t blame it on the snow.  I could very easily have jumped in my car and gone for a spin, done a little much needed last minute shopping or just gone out to play.  But, you see, I’m a homebody so the second I heard “snow storm” I started plotting things to do to stay in.  Jeremy probably would have gone mildly nuts being inside all this time.  Me, I’m in heaven.  Luckily, so is Dessa!

So what exactly did we do these 48+ hours?  Let’s take a look.

  • Built a fort.  It was a bad one but luckily Dessa doesn’t know better yet; it was her first.
  • Set up plastic cups to use as bowling pins; it entertained me more than her but it was something to do.
  • Baked brownies.
  • Washed lots of dishes (her fave past time); we need to invest in a giant plastic toddler smock so she doesn’t get soaked.
  • Created a masterpiece with watercolor, the brush was optional.
  • Made more masterpieces using crayons.
  • Squished lots of playdough.
  • Had a dance party.
  • Changed lots of diapers on Dessa’s dolls, or as she calls them babies.
  • Took 3 naps.
  • Had 5 massive poopie diapers (to think we were once worried she didn’t poop enough).
  • Looked through dozens of photos of Dessa in my belly and as an infant.
  • Chased our kit cat around the house.
  • Dessa did about 6 head stands with my assistance.
  • Stacked and knocked down giant blocks.
  • Read some books.
  • I dialed the phone a handful of times so Dessa could chat with family; it’s her new thing and it’s adorable.
  • Watched Bernese Mountain dogs doing tricks and barking on YouTube.
  • Dessa served me some scrumptious faux soup from her play kitchen.

Whoa!  I’m pretty darn impressed with myself and this little here list.  I’ll have to keep this handy for all the snow storms I’m wishing for.  Who knows, I wished for this one and it’s still snowing!  I’d love to hear if you’ve got any favorite snowy day activities; you can never have too many activities tucked into your bad weather arsenal!

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