So this “About Me” page business really isn’t for me; this is already my 5th go at it in two days.  I can write on and on about poopy diapers or how life altering it is to watch my daughter fall asleep or how I’m talented enough to shoot breastmilk across a room but an entire page about me?  Yeah that’s not as easy.

I’ll try to make this brief and painless for you and for me.  Be warned, I’ve been told I don’t know the meaning of brief.

A list of characters

Carla (that’s me) – wife, mami, writer, control-freak, dancer at heart, Cubana, 21 year old at heart

Jeremy (the hubs) – husband, papi, headed for sainthood for dealing with me, animal lover, big kid at heart

Dessa (the peanut) – daughter, princess, outspoken, smiley, strong willed, genius

BIB (the next peanut) – Baby In Belly, no info known yet we just know its there

Pussy Willow (meow) – elusive, purr freak, sleep lover

Everyone else – friends, family, strangers I meet, celebrities I’ve never met, the deceased, people I’d like to meet

The story

Nice Portuguese guy from Rhode Island meets loud and talkative Cuban girl from New Jersey.  They fall in love, get hitched, get knocked up, have baby.  They like the first kid so much they get knocked up again and now they’re waiting to see who this next little person is who is going to join them in a few short months.  When not tending to parently duties, both work outside the home – him with kiddos and her in a cubicle with grown-ups.

MamaHeartsBaby (the what you’ll find here portion)

I love to write and motherhood almost made my head explode with the many ideas and thoughts I had so I started a blog.  Enter: MamaHeartsBaby.  Feel free to call this a mommy blog; I am after all a mom who blogs.   But while you will find plenty on diapers, breastfeeding, positive discipline, Montessori, attachment parenting, my sad obsession with Toys ‘R Us and all things mami related…you will also find a ton more on the gazillion other topics that consume me.

I’m dipping my toes into freelancing. I’m obsessed with social media.  I am an enterpreneur at heart but I’m still in the 9-5; at any given time, I’m pondering at least 3 business ideas.  I love to shop, really I’m not exagerrating; if I could get paid to do it I would.  I adore learning about other moms and their personal roads to success.  I’m a social butterfly and get real pleasure from connecting people.  So yes, I’m a mommy blogger but I’m a whole lot more.

Not too long, right?


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