Dinosaurs and Rock Climbing

December 23, 2008 at 10:13 AM Leave a comment

Jeremy and I are bad holiday shoppers.  Christmas is 2 days away and we’ve got a handful of presents for about two dozen folks, not to mention I’ve got to work both days leading up to the festivities.  We don’t even have a gift for Dessa yet!  We were on a manhunt for Kota the $299-now-$99-dinosaur but apparently we’re not the only ones who got the mass email from Geoffrey about the big price slash.  So we’re thinking Kota isn’t an option, at least for Christmas; he might make an appearance for Three Kings Day.

Here’s some background and expert reviews.

(Side note on the Kota popularity: I got the email about the sale two weeks ago.  I felt like I hit the jackpot because the price was so good.  I went online to check out reviews and there were a measely 5 reviews.  In my head I figured it wasn’t all that popular since it only had 5 reviews.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that those 5 people were the ones who got suckered into paying $300 for Kota.  I just went on the site now after getting a “back in stock” email and there are now a whopping 19 reviews!  I guess Hasbro figured out the right price point for their little dino.  And now, less than 10 minutes after getting the “back in stock” email, the dino is sold out yet again.  No luck for us; back to the point…)

Today while I’m at work, Jeremy calls me to share a little gift idea he has for our princess.  He wants to know my thoughts on buying our 18 month old daughter some rock climbing mounts for the walls in our house.  Did you read that – 18 month old, rock climbing, in our house?  I practically laughed at him.  He said, no really I’ll spot her.  I said, yeah but you were spotting her when she fell off the bed and broke her arm and ended up in a purple cast.

I hate to be the bad guy so I always try to find a compromise; I suggested looking for something on the ground she could climb.  He didn’t budge on the wall mounts.  We hung up and left it at we’ll think about it.  I couldn’t shake the image of a falling Dessa from my brain but to give J the benefit of the doubt (or secretely hoping I’d be proven right) I called our local rock climbing gym.  I asked the guy the age of his youngest climbers.  He said they have kids as young as 2 to 3 years old and even 18 month olds!  My argument was shot down.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea but I’m not 100% against it either.  The rock climbing gym guy said we could come in and try it out so I think we’ll be headed there shortly to let our little monkey scale their walls.  In the meantime, we’ll probably just sneak a soccer and a basket ball under the tree; she’s an easy girl to please.

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I’ve Been Snowed In Since Friday Happy Holidays!

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