Time for Confessions

February 22, 2008 at 12:39 PM Leave a comment

I have been seriously blogligent (like negligent…you get it…terrible I know). I have been busy transitioning into my new job and that has sucked up my time. Though, it has definitely been worthwhile. But I won’t make this first post back all about work. I’ve actually thought a lot about my blog in the last several days. I keep having random thoughts that I want to jot down, confessions if you will.

1.) I am a fair weather friend, not in a bad sense but in a literal sense. The chilly winter months kill my social life. You’d have to pull me kicking and screaming out of our condo to get me to go somewhere in this blistery cold. Come summer, I am everyone’s BFF…ok not everyone but you know what I mean. I suck at being a New Englander. That’s probably why it was such a good idea that I went to school in Boston, where driving wasn’t required and there were tons of places to stop in to catch some warmth between the dorm and any of my destinations. How I came to be this way is beyond me. I grew up in NJ, not exactly the Caribbean. I owned a billion and one pea coats, okay two but they were worn a billion and one times. The cold and I just aren’t friends.

2.) I love Lipstick Jungle. I was leery at first and only watched to catch a Beverly Hills 90210 alum…I’ll watch anything with a 90210 alum in it. I’m hooked now though. And can someone please tell me where the hunk came from? I mean it’s like they were flipping through a A&F catalog and just picked the cream of the crop. Love it.

3.) Sooooooooooo beyond happy that Lost is back. It’s up there with 90210 & SATC. I have been trying not to get lured into all the Lost speculation sites but it is tough. Thursday is my TV night (thus Lost & Lipstick Jungle) and I sit on my medicine ball and do upper body exercises. Thrilling, I know, this is why I don’t go out in the cold.

4.) I am wildly, WILDLY excited about the Oscars. I may even have to call out on Monday, ok so I won’t b/c I just started but I will most likely run a bit late. Nothing I love more than a good award show. Heck, I’ll even take a shitty one!

Well, off to bed to read up on some Montessori method.


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