Weekend Round Up

February 11, 2008 at 11:46 AM Leave a comment

I’m glad to report that D is about 99.9% free of the sickies, only a mild cough remains. Didn’t do much but soak up my little girl. Oh and catch some TV since Sunday is the designated TV day. Actually, we have an hour set aside on Sundays for television time. However, because I am an award show junky the rules fly out the window tonight for the Grammys. Here’s a quick round-up of our TV watching, not much of a round up but two very important things:

1. Sadly, I am still crazy obsessed with Diddy’s Making the Band series and even more so now that Danity Kane and the guys from last season are on the show together. I’m grateful that I don’t watch TV during the week or else I’d waste my time away. I am, however, grateful that the reruns for this fabulous little series is on Sunday mornings, our designated TV time…hehehe…

2. I think this is what you call “live” blogging, but really isn’t it all live? Anyways…Beyonce and Tina Turner just killed it. I don’t know how old Tina is but she looks amazing and they brought the house down. Made me want to get up and dance (shh…I’ll admit, I got up and danced).

That’s all folks…off to enjoy the Grammys and listen to the wind knock on our windows.


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Sweet Surrender One of Those Moments

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