My Big, Fat Cuban Family – A Shout Out

January 13, 2008 at 1:50 PM Leave a comment

I just discovered a great blog called My Big Fat Cuban Family and I’m in love. Mama hearts MBFCF big time. I did a google search for baby clothes with Cuban/Latina sayings on them and came across her Cafe Pres shop. I’m going to be a massive dork and admit that I just sat and read through 6 months of her archives and it was great. So much to identify with…grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve, the constant presence of amazing food, the cultural pride, the Spanglish…I could go on forever. I can’t explain what it’s like. Living in RI and not living in a Cuban community kills me. I hunger for that interaction and its liveliness and feeling of home. So to read through her blog was a delight (it’s a cheesy word but so appropriate…like I feel dee-light just thinking about it).

There’s something about Cuabn-Americans that binds us all. We’re a proud people and we hold on tight, suffocatingly tight, to our culture. I worry about how well I can hold on for Baby D. I need to hold on and pass it on to her. Reading MBFCF made me realize I can use this blog to really hold on to my culture. I feel a spark of juicy creativity coming on. I’m going to fan the flames and read some of Marta’s fave blogs which also happen to be from awesome Cubanitas. Right now I heart this blog – Cubana in the boonies and an enterpreneur – a girl after my own heart! I’ll post again soon after I’m done indulging in all this rico Cuban-ness!


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Surprise, Surprise It’s Coming, Slowly But Surely

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