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December 12, 2007 at 6:16 AM Leave a comment

The month of December is flying by, and while typically time going by quickly would make me a bit sad, I feel really good about this month. First, my family and I are kicking butt at our Do Good pledge for the month.

Here’s a quick round up:
12/1 Spread the Sharing
12/2 Good Search
12/3 Donated books to our local library
12/4 Free Rice
12/5 Animal Rescue Site along with its partner sites
12/6 $2 donation to our local food bank via Whole Foods check out
12/7 Donated 500 Starwood member points to the Make a Wish Foundation
12/8 Donation of non-perishable foods for our local food bank via our local movie theater
12/9 Purchased Endangered Species Chocolate Bar which donates “10% net profits…to help support species, habitat and humanity”
12/10 Purchased $25 Kiva gift certificate to give as a Christmas present
12/11 Donated 500 Starwood member points to Unicef

Our Do Good pledge has really made me realize how easy it is to spread some goodness into the world on the daily. I always used to think that I could never, ever donate enough or really impact anything with small actions…but really, that’s how change works. This ties into a great quote from Dawud Miracle over at eMoms at Home. In his post, Dawud shares his grandfather’s philosophy that “what you focus on, expands.” When we first made the Do Good pledge, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find something to fill each of the 31 days of this month. I knew I could do kind gestures…open doors, say thank you and please, carry someone’s groceries…but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find good things to do beyond my own environment. Since I’ve been focused on our commitment, though, I keep finding opportunities to give back all over the place! The more I focused and surrounded myself with the do good vibe, opportunities arose left and right.

That was the good news. The bad news: I’ve only got 1 Christmas present bought so far…and a list of about 25 people that I still need to make purchases for…yikes!


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