Whole Foods (Yes, Again!)

November 29, 2007 at 12:41 PM Leave a comment

I find myself at Whole Foods all the time these days! First because we’re replacing all our cleaning supplies and I always find something else I need. Then, because we realize we have nothing healthy to eat in the house. Yesterday we went and stocked up on some yummies. You can purchase your own shopping bags at the store for a buck. We have 4 total now and have actually remembered to bring them with us. We leave them in the trunk of J’s hybrid (side note: I haven’t mentioned the hybrid as part of the green movement because it wasn’t a conscious, conscious green move…it happened well before our green declaration). So, we bring our bags in to stuff our groceries in them and the bag girl tells the cashier we have 4. I jump in quickly to let them know not to charge me, and she says not to worry. Get this, they’re giving me credit for them! Ten cents for each bag every time we go! Can you believe that? Four bucks for four bags then getting forty cents if we use them all each time we go, ten visits and they’re free! I get giddy over neat stuff like that- Something free for me and something nice to the environment. To really make my day, on the way out to the car this lovely young lady asked if she could take our cart after we emptied our groceries. We said sure and next thing we know, she’s helping to unload our stuff into the trunk of the car! Again, I’m giddy. Mama hearts some good customer service! It might sound silly but really and truly, I’m grateful for Whole Foods. Okay, enough with the Whole Foods, I know…no more Whole Foods posts for at least a week…promise!


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