I Married a Vegetarian

November 28, 2007 at 3:15 AM Leave a comment

I didn’t exactly marry a vegetarian. I married a guy who loved Whoppers and Big Macs. He loved himself a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. He chowed down on everything. Then one day we watched Fast Food Nation. Then one day after that we had a baby and decided to go green. Now my husband has decided to go vegetarian.

The whole vegetarian thing isn’t new to me. My uncle Lala was a vegetarian while I was growing up so I’m used to a lot of the lifestyle. I have to say that I am rather proud of the hubs for his choice and for sticking with it so well the past 3 weeks. Not a drop of meat or chicken or sea food. We’ve upped our vegetable intake by like 300% and it feels nice to be making such good choices about our eating habits. The big question- Is this a family decision?

I personally haven’t made the leap just yet, but I’m well on my way. I’ve never been big on red meat and can probably tell you exaclty when and where I’ve consumed red meat in the last 10 years, heck in my entire life. I’m a huge chicken lover- fried, baked, breaded, parmesean, curry- any way you can make it and I love it. However, recently after trying to educate myself a bit on some green matters I learned how poorly chickens are treated (I won’t digress as it would take way too long and get way to gruesome!). So, I’m about 90% of the way sure I’m going to join my hubby on the veggie revolution.

Enter D – Is this the kind of decision we make for her? Or do we let her eat meat and let her decide later on to cut it out of her diet? Can newbie vegetarians really be equipped to raise an infant into a lifetime of vegetarianism? It’s kind of how I feel about being a not so faithful practicing Catholic and wanting to raise D something rather than nothing and not knowing if we are both educated enough to raise a potential Catholic (please please please do not take this comparison to mean that our vegetarian migration is a religion for us…we’re not nuts).

I am comforted to think that it is somewhat possible since prior to D we weren’t very healthy eaters. If we were to raise D on our pre-green movement eating habits she’d probably have a serious nutrient lacking diet. At least on the veggie road she’ll get a high dosage of vegetables and nutrient rich foods. If I follow suit, then I think we’re pretty sure D will, too. We’re going to have to spend some serious time reading and cooking (I’ll do the reading, J will do the cooking). I’ll keep on posting on our big vegetarian conversion.


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