MultiCulti Baby

November 27, 2007 at 10:37 AM Leave a comment

My 4.5 month old daughter is a piece of multi-culti goodness. She’s Cuban, Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Irish (I might be missing something but that’s what I can recall for now). That is just her ethnic profile. Culturally, she’s going to be a Cuban-Portuguese-American New England Jersey girl. And this isn’t even taking into account all the other influences in her life that my husband and I can’t control!

When I was pregnant, I dreamed about the oodles of pink that would soon vomit all over my life (yep, I’m one of those…excited by the pink). At the same time, I mulled over how my husband and I would raise her. What activities will she take part in? What sports will she play? What holidays will we celebrate? Will we take her church every Sunday? How will she learn to dance salsa and merengue in the middle of New England (where Cubans are sparse…if you’re reading this and you know of a Cuban community in New England that I’m unaware of, pretty please send directions!)? Is it enough that only her mother will speak to her in Spanish? Will she really learn the language? Will she have a ton of questions about Filipino culture that I won’t be able to answer? Do I have to start studying it now, when I was hoping to ignore it forever? What are the Portuguese traditions we want to incorporate into our lives? And, here’s the biggie…when people ask, “Where are you from?” Will she be ready to answer them confidently? Or, if they ask me, am I ready to answer them without snapping or being a wise guy? Can you see where I’m going with this?

Eventually, I just banished those thoughts because I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was working myself up more than anything.

More in my next post…


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