Holy Crap, Whole Foods!

November 17, 2007 at 1:29 AM Leave a comment

Like I mentioned before, I’m all about becoming more earth friendly/eco conscious, blah blah blah. Just this fall they opened a Whole Foods about 10 minutes from my house. So J and I went down last night to check it out. Not our first time, but our first time with intention to go semi-grocery shopping. I don’t know what it is about the place, but it’s so relaxing in there. Like they put some of their magic health berries into the vents to soothe their shoppers. We could have been in there for hours. Actually, we were there for about 2 but luckily D said enough was enough. I imagine my reaction to the place is similar to what would happen if someone put me in the middle of Nordstrom’s shoe department and told me to pick whatever I wanted- paralyzed by too many options.

Anyways…thinking bigger picture…We’re taking small steps to go green. We stopped using major label baby products for D since we can’t pronounce most of the stuff on the ingredient list and they’ve been reporting that many of these products contain really bad ingredients for little ones. Next, we’re in the process of dumping all our hazardous cleaning supplies which translates into every cleaning supply in the joint. We’re replacing right now with Seventh Generation. Small steps but something.

It actually feels like 2 different movements going on in our lives. We’re conquering going green and conquering Whole Foods. Similar beasts but very challenging in different ways. I can buy any book on going green. But there’s no manual for Whole Foods.


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