I’m Turning Green

November 13, 2007 at 12:51 PM Leave a comment

My latest obsession is that I need to make my family green – nicer to the environment…I do not want to turn them into Ogers (I wonder if the definition of green in the dictionary now includes how it’s used here…green: as used in describing someone/something that is eco-friendly/conscious?). I’m an obsession kind of person. I’ll find a topic, search for blogs & other resource sites online, depending on the hardcoreness of my obsession, I might even invest in an actual book. Then I start crazy excel sheets and binders; I create lists and convince myself I’m for serious about this topic. Then, after about 2 weeks of high level intensity, I fizzle out just in time to let the newest interest in.

However, with D here, I can’t let things go. Like I mentioned before, I’m more determined than ever. So, my green machine dream is front and center for the tackling. Only problem is I am way too overwhelmed. I found a ton of websites but geez…I’d have to take at least a week off work to figure out the basics. And I don’t want to half-ass the green. I want to be green, green not Kelly green or Camo green. I don’t want to be a poser that shops at the organic market and buys yummy smelling natural baby products for the baby in the organic onesie then sprays bleach products all over the house and drives her SUV to pick up groceries at the chain grocer (note: we do own an SUV but it was a gift and you can’t beat not having a car payment…besides we drive it super duper gas consciously).

My other concern is how do I translate going green to my uber conservative, old school Cuban, bleach loving, plastic bag using parents? If I tell them, they’ll for sure think it’s some crazy idea my American husband has dreamed up. It’s beyond overwhelming to commit to this green business. I feel like I have to toss everything and start from scratch. I have a solid line up of resources and I’m going to get to reading. It’s going to be a slow and steady process but I keep going because I tell myself that it means D will have a better Earth to live in.

Oh, gosh…did I just turn crunchy?


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Born Again Free what?

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